Bring Me A Drink

Bring Me A Drink- Vol 1

We’re excited to (re-) introduce ourselves! We are Bring Me A Drink, formerly known as, your local online liquor store specializing in BC’s independent wine, beer, spirit, cider, mead and other beverage alcohol producers. We still deliver within Greater Victoria, (following all safe Covid protocols) and, since you’ve been asking for it, we now offer shipping anywhere in BC.

We know that in-store shopping at liquor stores has changed; it’s hard to browse for wine properly when there’s a line-up outside, let alone staying 6 ft away from someone in the sparkling wine section. We’re missing the enthusiasm for new wines that some liquor stores were able to provide in-person, a way of discovering something awesome that we might not have tried. We’re hoping the collections on the site are able to sub in a bit for that experience, whether it’s learning about a particular grape by tasting a variety of styles, or tasting a winemaker’s work across several different wineries. We love to recommend things, so contact us if you want that ‘bespoke experience you can brag about to a friend’. Oh, isn’t this wine delicious? My personal wine pro chose it just for me.

BC producers release awesome new drinks throughout the year, and we’re able to access many of them. If there’s a product or independent producer that you’d like to see, let us know! We’re privileged to support BC’s beverage alcohol producers, as well as your neighbourhood independently-owned liquor store, Spinnakers James Bay.


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